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Fountain: Night Garden

Stainless steel, PVC cloth, water spray device, dust screen, fiberglass, print on cloth, LED lights, ropes

Dimension variable


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Fountains originated in ancient Greece. They were infrastructural facilities for ancient city-states to provide drinking water in response to surging population demand for regular water use. The vast amount of resources and deployment capability required for its construction have gradually made the fountain a symbol of state power. When the distribution of water resources no longer relied on fountains, it became a decorative public landmark. As a substance that cannot be faked, water is placed together with other imitated forms to create a place that does not belong to reality. The"fountain" as a work of art is the appropriation and reconstruction of the image of the fountain—water pumps, tarps, steel frames, advertising banners, all point to a gap with our physical experience—the"fake landscape" brings a sense of conquering nature. Yet, it was damaged by packaged industrial waste.