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Do real things happen in moments of rationality?

Electronic controller, spray-painted FRP cow model, flat car, battery, stainless steel track, outdoor spherical lamp, artificial plant, foam stone, PVC column, inkjet cloth curtain, mirror

variable size)


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Do real things happen in moments of rationality? interprets the status of “presence.” The existences of things are caused by connections between surrounding environments and the interference of time makes certain that the existence is just the incidental nature of these moments. With different combinations of spatial forms, the artwork imitates the feeling of déjà-vu or scenes buried deep in the mind to explore the difficult definition of reality by offering feelings of presence for the audience. The whole art-piece was made by simulation materials to build an outdoor scene that seems close to the nature and reminiscent of childhood. Also, these materials connect with the space to create certain enjoyable contexts through combinations of displays. At the same time. It questions the uncertain boundary between the unpolished materials and the artwork.