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The doubtful site (perpendicular channel)




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Departing from the “rhizomatous” forms of free-standing objects such as in “A View Beyond Space” (2015), and the notion of seeing the unseen as in “Memories, But not from the past” (2015), “The Doubtful Site” explores and scrutinises dichotomous of central/peripheral, accessible/inaccessible, fragmentary/unabridged.Confronted with the reality of living in an ever-expanding urban environment, where the notion of this architecture and public space are constantly evolving and transforming. The series “The doubtful site” (2018) is presented as a constellation of public spaces: stadiums, monuments, parks and passages. Each piece corresponds to a locus where different communities gather; however, the varied textures, materials, forms and structures of the pieces render the sites novel and uncanny, as the communities’ bodily presence internalises and becomes the sites in motion.