Ghost, Skin, Dwelling

Nov 10 - Dec 12, 2021

Avenue Apartments Room 314, No.7, Lane 314, Tongren Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, China


“Turn a public fountain indoor, blurring the boundary between private and public spaces. Though still being viewed, it is no longer a cityscape that occupies a central point, and its connection with the viewer's body has shifted. And what’s wrong with that?

A floor lamp cast in bronze still looks like a lamp, complete with a bulb, a plug, and wires… But it doesn't illuminate the room; it just stands somewhere like a sculpture.

The functional floor lamps, however, look like useless furnishings, with lamp shades made of easily accessible and disjointed pictures.

Would painted stones or miniature landscapes improve your feng shui at home? Or are they just inanimate pets positioned in a corner?

Would you consider these aluminum panels benches—inserted randomly and colored inside or in the bottom half? Seats are indispensable; otherwise, the objects mentioned above will lose their meaning and opportunity to coexist with a human body. A bench is like a magnet that draws the body closer.

Look through a window or a door, from here to there. How are the rooms connected? Only through similar information can they not be isolated from each other.

Viewing and using can happen at the same time. Thus, bodies and objects become more intimate, in place, in contact, and in peace with one another.”

- Nabuqi

Special Programme - Nabuqi "Ghost, Skin, Dwelling" presented by Sifang Art Museum.