Two-way Entry

Sep 29 - Nov 28, 2018

C-Space+Local,Beijing, China

C-Space+Local is delighted to present Nabuqi’s second solo exhibition, “Two-way Entry” on September 29, 2018. On view are the artist’s two most recent series of works, “The doubtful site” (2018) and “Field”(2018).

Nabuqi’s sculptural practice departs from challenging the notion in sculpture that an object holds the center of attention, demanding the viewer to walk around it in order to perceive its features and properties. By undermining the autonomy of the object– what was a static finale, the aesthetic of forms, or a representation of taste, Nabuqi extends her sculptural practice into the surrounding space in which the objects occupy. By creating a site of experience that engages the viewer’s sensibilities, Nabuqi invites the viewer to replace the perception of the autonomous object with one’s own narrative when traversing through the exhibition and attend to each work of art on view.

Continuing from the “rhizomatous” forms of free-standing objects such as “A View Beyond Space”(2015) and the notion of seeing the unseen in “Memories, But not from the past” (2015) presented in the artist’s first solo exhibition “Parallel”, Nabuqi explores the dichotomous notions of center/periphery, accessible/inaccessible, fragmentary/unabridged for Two-way Entryby means of assemblage.Confronted with the reality of living in an ever-expanding urban environment, where the notion of this architecture and public space are constantly evolving and transforming. The ground floor gallery is set up as a constellation of typical public spaces of the series, “The doubtful site” (2018), that brings together public spaces such as the stadium, the monument, the park and passages from our urban environment. While each piece corresponds to a location people frequent and gather, yet the variety of textures, materials, forms, and constructs of these pieces invite to the viewer to make up one's own perception of these sites.  In addition, the interruptive wall installations, hanging, protruding, or blocking the panoramic view of the space, further enhances the artist's intention to enrich these sites, let their functions be hindrance, complimentary or points of connection in relation to these sculptures.